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Title Convenors
1 Europeanization of social policy Kerschen, Nicole
2 Sustainability and Transformation of Governance in the European Multi-level Welfare System Behning, Ute
3 Transforming Governance and Citizenship in European Societies Kennett, Patricia Lendvai, Noemi
4 Agency and social policy transformation: Bringing actors back in to the research on social policy Szelewa, Dorota Polakowski, Michal
5 Entrepreneurial providers in Social Policy Klenk, Tanja Köppe, Stephan
6 Labour Market Policy, Activation and Beyond Struyven, Ludo Knuth, Matthias
7 Climate change and the sustainability of European Social policy: towards a research agenda Stiller, Sabina Gough, Ian
8 The role of welfare attitudes in Welfare State Change Erola, Jani Niemelä, Mikko
9 “Positive Welfare” in Practice: Transformation, Trends and Dilemmas in European Welfare States Ellison, Marion Fenger, Menno
10 The impact of EU Social Policy on social services and street-level bureaucracies Minas, Renate Kazepov, Yuri
11 Sustainable Social Service Provision in an Era of Fiscal Austerity Schneider, Ulrike
12 Social Work and Social Policy Gal, John
13 Social and Health Care Alemán, Mª Carmen Ródenas, Francisco
14 Transformation of Long-Term Care in Ageing Societies. Causes, Patterns and Consequences of Policy Development Rostgaard, Tine Timonen, Virpi
15 Reforms of pension systems in the light of socioeconomic interdependencies Lagoutte, Christine Reimat, Anne
16 Housing policy in crisis Stenberg, Sten-Ake
17 Tourism, Leisure Time and Social Welfare Carretero, Stephanie
18 Family Policy in Transition Fleckesntein, Timo Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin
19 Children as a “new social risk”- discourses and policies Marten, Carina Ostner, Ilona
20 Effects of the economic crisis on inequality and poverty Matsaganis, Manos
21 European Health systems and health inequalities Tognetti, Mara Omaghi, Annalisa