Valencia Airport is only 25 minutes away by subway or 30 minutes by taxi, with links to many countries.

The subway links the Airport directly to the conference venue: Take subway line 3 (direction: Rafelbunyol) and get off in “Facultats” Station, in front of the conference venue.


There are many options to arrive in Valencia by train.

From “Estació del Nord” Train Station take bus number 81 (Hospital General – Avda. Blasco Ibañez), 71 (La Llum – Universitats), 9 (La Torre – Universitats) in Periodista Azzati – Convent de San Francesc Stop (next to City Hall) and get off in Blasco Ibañez – Facultat de Geografía.

If you take the AVE, which connects Madrid-Valencia, you will arrive to the “Valencia AV Joaquin Sorolla” Train Station. You can take a taxi or take the special bus that runs from the AVE Train Station to “Estació del Nord” Train Station, and follow the directions above.

Finally, If you have reach the city using the C-5 or 6 Cercanias lines, get off in the Cabanyal Station and take bus number 81 (Hospital General – Avda. Blasco Ibañez) which stops in front of the conference venue.


Subway Line 3 (red) Rafaelbunyol – Aeroport: stops in “Facultats” Station, just in front of the conference venue.

Find below the Bus lines which stop in Blasco Ibañez – Facultat de Geografía, just in front of the venue:

  • 81 (Hospital General – Avda. Blasco Ibañez)
  • 71 (La Llum – Universitats)
  • 9 (La Torre – Universitats)

Cost of the Subway Ticket

  • Single fare: 1,40€ A Zone (City Center)
  • Return fare: 2,40€ A Zone (City Center)
  • Single fare: 1,90€ AB Zone (City Center – Airport)
  • Return fare: 3,30€ AB Zone (City Center – Airport)
  • 10 journey travelcard: 6,55€ A Zone (City Center)
  • 10 journey travelcard: 9,40€ AB Zone (City Center – Airport)

Cost of the Bus Ticket:

  • Single fare: 1,30€
  • BonoBus (10 travels): 6,95€ + 2€ per Card

You have also available the Valencia Card with unlimited travels:

  • 24 hrs.: 10€
  • 48 hrs.: 16€
  • 72 hrs.: 20€


ValenbiSI (Public Service of Bike) is a transportation that offers you freedom, speed, funny, economizes your trip and it is friendly with the environment. It is a healthy ecological commitment, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To access this service, you can obtain a weekly short-term credit, as mention below:

A simple registration

In the enabled Terminal Service Access, it is possible to obtain, immediately, a weekly payment of (short-term subscriptions). To do this, you only need to have your credit card and follow the instructions on the screen and the Point of Sale Terminal.

With weekly short-term subscription, which costs 10€, you can perform an unlimited numbers of journeys by bicycle for 7 consecutive days.

These are the Bus stops, Subway and Bike (terminal service access), which are located in the area where the 9th Annual ESPAnet Conference was held.

Bus, Subway and Bike Stops

Bus, Subway and Bike Stops